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That is why Sophia Ricci and Scott Disc have separated

Sophia Ricci (21) and Scott Disk (37) are said to have finally separated. Scott's psychology and his close relationship with ex-wife Courtney Kardashian may have caused it.Scott Desic (37) and Sophia Ricci (21) are said to have separated. Shortly before, they moved together to a house in Calabasas, but they did not spend a quarantine together.Instagram / sofiarichieScott recently posted a photo of himself at Amangiri Resort, where he took a break with his ex-wife Courtney Kardashian (41) and three children on his 37th birthday..Instagram / letthelordbewithyouHe also continued to celebrate in Los Angeles with the Courtney family, and so this photo was taken.Instagram / kourtneykardashA year ago, Sofia wished for her boyfriend a happy birthday with this picture ... "I love you so much," she wrote in the comment.Instagram / sofiarichieWhat about the close friendship between Sofia and Kelly Jenner (22)? The two were good friends of her and Scott before the relationship.Instagram / sofiarichieThis is what it is aboutSofia Ritchie and Scott Disek were reportedly separated.Scott's shock at his parents' death is said to have been a cause.In addition, Sofia is said to have been troubled by Scott's close relationship with ex-wife Courtney Kardashian (39).Sofia and Scott have yet to comment on the rumors of the separation.Rumors still circulate that Scott Disk (37) and Sofia Richie (21) take a break. One of the insiders confirmed the beginning of our weekly separation. The two were a couple for about three years.

Did he get much for her?

A source told Us Us Weekly that Sofia was one of the reasons why Scott was looking for help with his mental problems. "At the start of the quarantine, Scott was good and he was positive. But the isolation sparked old feelings," according to the source. According to Page Six, Ritchie seemed to have had enough of Disick's return to old patterns of behavior.
According to the "Daily Mail", Disek was admitted to the rehabilitation clinic at the end of April. After a short while, he left again because a picture of him was posted from the clinic. Scott's lawyer Marty Singer said on page six that it was not alcohol or drugs that Scott called, and was the reason for the briefing, but his shocks. He has yet to deal with the sudden death of his mother about six years ago and the death of his father shortly thereafter.

Was Courtney's ex-wife involved?

A sixth page insider told Ritchie that he was increasingly troubled by Scott's close relationship with his ex-wife, Courtney Kardashian, 41, from whom he had three children. "Courtney didn't make it easy for her," she said.
It cannot be confirmed whether Courtney has had an effect on separation. For the masses, it is clear that Scott must return with Courtney's "soul mate". Tweet, Courtney, Now You Can Shine Again.

How do the two deal with separation?
Disick celebrated his 37th birthday on Tuesday in Powell Lake, Utah. There is also: his three children and ex-wife Courtney. After the family trip, they returned to Los Angeles according to "Us Weekly", where they drank toast with the rest of the Kardashian clan on Scott's birthday.
“The separation of Sofia and Scott was only a matter of time. "It has been a lot on her recently," told Us Weekly insider. Sofia is sad about the situation, but is currently concerned with her well-being. Additionally, she must treat herself with a break with friends in Malibu.

Is the class short?
The return of love cannot be ruled out, but there are some reasons for separation. Over and over again there were rumors that Scott was drinking too much and taking drugs. He was also not loyal to Sophia in the past. In 2018, after a nine-month relationship, the two took a short break because Scott was seen at another party by Kanye West (42) with another woman.
Lionel may also want to prevent his daughter from reconciling. Already after the break in 2018, according to Us Weekly, he made negative comments about his 16-year-old daughter's girlfriend, and he wanted to get her out of his own will if he continued a relationship with

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