The best site to bring in and know the importance of Keywords for YouTube and websites

The best site to bring in and know the importance of Keywords for YouTube and websites
One of the mistakes I made as a beginner blogger a few years ago was that I was writing and publishing articles randomly. What is meant by the word "random" here is not planning and researching before writing.

This made me post a lot of topics, although they are good topics, but they did not appear on Google simply because I did not use the appropriate keywords.

Suppose you want to write on the topic "learning English", what are the correct steps to follow?

First, you should search on Google to find out what was previously published on the same topic. Having an idea of ​​what other sites have published will give you some insight into how to produce stronger, richer content.
Second, search for the keywords people use to search on Google. This matter was overlooked for a long time. That is why we will see in this topic how to take care of this point.
After all this, you can start writing your topic, which will appear on Google without problems, and this is the third and last point.

Before knowing how to find the most important keywords and how to find them, there is an important thing to mention. Do not try to use these words extensively because this will send negative signals to the search mechanisms, especially Google, that your topic is spam or fraudulent content intended to deceive.

Ultimately, you should believe that you are writing to people looking for useful answers, not just Google.

Another important thing is to avoid the most searched words. Here's why:

You have "Learn English" that gets 1 million searches per month. And "English lessons" get ten thousand. Which would you target?

Of course, the least researched should be targeted because the most researched has to be very competitive. Over time, your topic can get good results even for highly competitive keywords if it's good and gets visitors' admiration. The admiration of visitors means that they stay for a long time to read and share on social networks such as Facebook and others.

Site fetch keywords
Whether you are a blogger, website owner or YouTube channel, this method will help you to target the right audience with high accuracy by knowing the most important and most searched keywords ..

The site I use to find the most important keywords is The site’s problem is that it hides the most important data:

The best site to bring in and know the importance of Keywords for YouTube and websites

Search volume: Any number of searches.
Competition: the degree of competition for the keyword.
Cost: CPC.

However, another tool that can be used to solve this problem is the Google Keywords Planner Tool.

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