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Microsoft leak reveals Windows 10X will be coming to laptops

Document reveals Microsoft's plans - Launcher, Face Recognition and File Explorer before update

In the autumn of 2020, it should be so far - Microsoft has announced a new version of its operating system. Windows 10x will now, as "The Verge" reported, but also be usable on notebooks. Originally it was said that the tech company will offer the operating system only on dual-display devices and built-in Intel processors. Now, the leaks show that even regular notebooks will be accessed, but in an adapted form. Windows 10x is not expected to be a stand-alone operating system, but rather a specialized version of Windows 10.

Launcher instead of start menu

In the future, the start menu will not be called that way anymore, but instead titled as a launcher. The focus, according to the revelations, is on local search results. Users can search there directly on the Web, but also access local files. The recommended content is dynamically adjusted based on the most recently used programs, files and web pages.
Microsoft also wants to improve Windows 10X authentication with facial recognition. Instead of first removing the barrier by pressing a button, the face in front of the camera should be scanned immediately.

Explorer is renewed

Also new is a planned update for the file explorer. It can be assumed that the compatibility for touch devices is improved. Also, access to files in Microsoft Office 365 Office software should be improved, as well as access to content in the cloud service OneDrive. Other adjustments will probably be in the notification wizard, with details missing for the time being

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