Huawei phones continue to receive updates

Good news for Huawei users - For now, no tightening of US 
sanctions against Huawei

For owners of Huawei smartphones it looks better again. You will probably continue to receive Android updates

No tightening
According to insiders, the US Department of Commerce is unlikely to tighten its business restrictions on Chinese network supplier Huawei for the time being. As a result, US companies may continue to supply certain components to Huawei for a limited time. A temporary general license expiring on Monday was to be extended by 90 days, people familiar with the plans said.

Updates for smartphone customers
However, this is only about deliveries, with which the Group can serve its smartphone customers with updates and keep its existing networks running. On the other hand, Huawei can not buy components to produce new products from US companies without additional license approvals.

This would be the users of Huawei phones off the hook. Google provides updates to manufacturers on a monthly basis to fix new flaws and gaps in Android. Without updates, newly discovered entry doors for cybercriminals or state spies remained permanently open.

Trump vs. Huawei
US President Donald Trump is also involved in the trade dispute with China against the world's largest network equipment supplier. His government has registered security concerns. She fears that Huawei's technology might serve as a spy for the Chinese government. The group rejects this and repeatedly refers to its independence from the Chinese state

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