MacBook 16 ″ arrives in September and will be as large as the 15 ″


MacBook 16 ″ arrives in September and will be as large as the 15 ″

The chatted MacBook Pro 16 "will arrive in September and will have dimensions very similar to those of an iPhone 15". To support a rumor released for the first time from the mouth of an analyst in June is the DigiTimes, in contrast with what was leaked last week by the chain of Apple suppliers, which aimed at its possible presentation for the month of October alongside the new MacBook Air

The history of DigiTimes is in fact quite confusing as over the years there have been alternating rumors that have turned out to be correct to other hypotheses which have instead proved to be completely unfounded. The fact that historically Apple never presented the new computers in September, which would then be the iPhone month, makes us think the presentation of the new computer for the following month is more plausible (last year in October MacBook Air and Mac were presented Mini together with the iPad Pro

Whatever the month, we'll surely find out in a few weeks. Anyway: what computer are we talking about? In reality, the 16 "MacBook Pro that has been chasing the voices for several months could be a real jewel for creatives because of the large LCD screen with a 3,072 x 1,920 pixel resolution which, thanks to a re-engineering of the chassis, will offer very thin frames to ensure that it maintains the physical dimensions of the current MacBook 15 "while being instead a laptop with a 16" display.

Among other innovations , this time aimed at journalists and typists, there would be the abandonment of the highly criticized butterfly mechanism in favor of a return of the old and beloved scissor mechanism. If you lean a little towards the unknown, in the vortex of hypotheses there are those who hope can be re-integrated the physical key Esc in front of a TouchBar a little shorter and some other outlet more than just the 4 USB-C of the latest Pro series laptops. For the latter two it is really hard to believe it, but basically dreaming costs nothing

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