Instagram : Data from 49 million users openly on the Web

The Indian company Chtrbox has created a large database with Influencern, celebrities and brands account for Instagram according to media reports in Amazon's cloud service AWS. This was accessible without password in the Web unprotected

Can be found in the database mirror online nothingness ' mostly only publicly available data, such as Followerzahlen, photo, biography and location. But also non-public data such as phone numbers and E-Mail addresses can be found here. Passwords are not saved. The data were not password protected and free for everyone accessible, 'TechCrunch' reports.

Discovered the database has the news page 'TechCrunch', which has checked the entries to the part. Two stakeholders have confirmed the authenticity of the data. The company Chtrbox was unknown to them.

The Indian company mediates contacts between so-called social media Influencern and switch brands, advertising. Influencer will be paid according to their range of sponsored content.

Where did the Indian company data?

According to the report of 'TechCrunch' Chtrbox took the database from the Web. Questions were not answered. Is it clear therefore how the non-public contact information could get into the database. So far, it is unclear why the company has millions of profiles in its database, although it has only about 185,000 customers according to their own figures.
The scandal-familiar mother group Facebook has investigated the incident and found that apparently were used on any private E-Mail addresses or phone numbers. T-online, said a spokesman for Instagram de with: ' we take seriously any accusation of abuse of data. After a first examination of the statements made, we have found that no private email addresses or phone numbers of Instagram users was accessed. The Chtrbox database containing publicly available information from many sources, including Instagram.'

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