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WhatsApp trick to not receive messages from someone without blocking it

The WhatsApp tricks do not stop coming out. Every time there are more demands from users in this application. For many try to hide certain 'little secrets'. Others simply want to avoid being bothered.
Well the platform gives solutions to all, even recently it was known that animated stickers will be included. Everything to please the users.
On this occasion we prioritize the privacy needs of users. There are many who would like tricks so that inopportune messages do not reach them. Either because they want to hide something or because they do not want to know anything about that particular person. Many people come to block this contact. However this implies many other uncomfortable factors for some users.
So here we have a solution so you can avoid going through those uncomfortable moments. So you can be without receiving messages from those you do not want without blocking it.
It's very easy, you just have to archive that conversation and that's it. To do this just slide the chat to the left and there you get the option. The same happens to unarchive. But this time you will find the conversation in archived messages.
The new stickers of WhatsApp
The tool may look similar to GIFs. However, animated stickers are just around the corner and we tell you everything you need to know.
This news was known through WABetaInfo, which publishes information about future updates of the app. The channel indicates that the functionality is not yet active

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