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This is how Windows 10 will work. I want to say: finally!

Microsoft has decided to get away from the tone in the delivery of development updates. Beginning with the May update, which we will see soon

Windows 10 users often complain about updates that can not be delayed indefinitely. The biggest problem is with these developmental  these, in addition to new functions, often bring "new problems". The October patch of patches turned out to be quite a misfire, which Microsoft most probably regrets
Microsoft has decided to get away from the tone in the delivery of development updates. Beginning with the May update, which we will see soon, users will be able to postpone the update on ... much later. Each owner of a computer with Windows 10 on board will decide if he wants to install an upgrade - at least until the machine closes to the point where it will no longer be supported on the current version of Windows 10 .
Microsoft had no way out in this respect. The October patch of patches was infamous with how it was massively installed on the first round of machines and caused a lot of problems on many of them. It even came to such a curiosity that many people entitled to upgrade computers do not have October 2018 Update installed today and will probably only move to higher versions in May. This problem is most evident in the adoption of Windows 10 October Update, which is a nightmare.

Failures after updating Windows 10 can be less frequent

Users who will be able to postpone the development update will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises related to upgrades. Often it turned out that the packages of patches installed by Windows Update turn out to be defective on some computers. It is enough that the update does not match one component used in laptops, and the group of users unhappy with Windows 10 suddenly gets quite big: Microsoft itself is unable to test its software on all possible configurations. The answer to this problem was the Windows Insider program, which ... does not necessarily fulfill its function as it should
At the same time, the lack of installed development updates does not mean that users are cut off from security patches. These will appear as regularly as those users who did not decide to skip the next development update.

Microsoft had no choice

The failure related to Windows 10 October 2018 Update caused Microsoft to approach the issue of updates slightly differently. Significant errors in the update resulted in very poor adoption of the new version of the software among users, and this state, unfortunately, can not be reversed anymore, potentially until May, when the May development update appears.
The idea of massive, consistent updates is obviously understandable, but the user must have a little choice: without him in the world of Windows , incidents will happen from time to time. Microsoft, on the other hand, can not afford it in the face of the competition growing next to it

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