Best price Phone Camera Lens Kit – VIEWOW 4K HD 7 Optical Glasses 15X Macro 0.45X Wide

High Quality Phone Camera Lens :
High tech and High quality German optical lenses with premium optical coating increase the light transmittance and insure the high quality image. Perfect for taking selfies and shooting travel scenery, landscapes, architecture, etc.

Waterproof Coating:
IPX6-Plated invisible waterproof membrane design, no fear of rain attack, water droplets will not penetrate into the interior of the lens, protect camera lens from contamination and damage. Take the lens outdoors and shoot perfect photos even in rainy day without worries.
Important Note: Waterproof does not mean that it can be immersed in water for a long time. 

How to use the cell phone camera lens: 
1.Wide angle lens and the macro lens are attached together while you receive them. To use the wide angle, simply attach both camera lenses together.
2.To use the macro lens, only need to unscrew the wide angle lens.

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  1. Polarized video recording camera glasses glasses are on top because they look like simple ordinary. Nobody can easily know that it’s a camera.