New design of MacBook Pro 2021

New design of MacBook Pro, Micro LED monitor ... Apple's projects are becoming clearer

A reputed analyst reveals that the brand is preparing a brand new design for the MacBook Pro 2021. A 6K monitor with Micro LED panel could, meanwhile, be marketed this year.
The info
While a 16-inch MacBook Pro could come this year, Apple is already thinking about the future. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo - renamed for his knowledge of the brand's subcontractors - a 15 to 17-inch model with a brand new design is already in preparation for 2021.

In addition, Apple would work on a brand new monitor of 31.6 inch 6K Micro LED panel, technology that is known that the company is actively working. It would be available between the second and third quarter of this year.

What does that entail
It makes no sense that Apple is already working on the design of machines that will only be released in two years or more. This new design also gives hope that the manufacturer will review the design of its butterfly keyboard, appreciated for its comfort, but much criticized for its reliability.

As for Micro LED technology, it has been developed by Apple for several months directly in California (Santa Clara). Whereas it was more likely to replace the OLED of iPhone and Watch, it could finally appear for the first time on a monitor. Recall that Samsung has for its part benefited from CES 2019 to present its first televisions using this technology of slab.


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