How Facebook selects posts in your newsfeed

As a result, users will have the opportunity to know why the social network posts a post on their News Feed 

Why I see this message "will be available in the drop-down menu located in the right corner of a message Unveiled today, the feature" Why do I see this publication? "should thus allow Internet users to better understand why this or that publication appears in their newsfeed 
In a post shared on his official blog on March 31, Facebook announced the arrival of a new feature that gives more details on the operation of the famous algorithm managing his newsfeed. If you do not see her yet, she may not have been deployed to everyone yet.
In this regard, Facebook summarizes  This new option provides additional information on how your past interactions impact the ranking of publications in your news feed ."

Quick actions will be available so that users can either follow a user or a page, set user or page messages to "View First", or adjust general news feed preferences. In a long press release, Facebook explains: "Our users told us that the transparency of the newsfeed algorithms was not sufficient without the associated controls

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