Google+ says goodbye

It must have been the new Facebook, the must-have social network that would become a cornerstone of a monopoly exercised by Google. It's more like a story that ends in a fishtail.
Google turned off its social network Google+ on Tuesday, when it was no longer possible to create a new account since last February.
The decision was made last October after the computer giant unveiled a flaw that exposed personal data of half a million accounts . We finally discovered a bug that affected 52.5 million accounts at the time of an update of the computer program.

G Suite subscribers will still be able to access a modified version of Google+ to retrieve their data .
It's unlikely that anyone misses Google+: 90% of the usage sessions lasted 5 seconds or less . But if you have to find a new social network today, here is the list of the 21 most used apps each month .
Do you think this is Google's first failure? Far from it, if we rely on the Killed By Google site . There are no less than 155 products abandoned for various reasons by the web giant

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