All third-party apps on the Apple Watch crash


All third-party apps on the Apple Watch crash

For more than nine years now we have been dealing with the topic Apple, starting with the iPhone and the Mac, since the respective market starts also with iPad and Apple Watch. We have a little idea, but sometimes we are at the end with our Latin. As I currently with my Apple Watch.
It's about third-party apps that I rarely use. Already a few months ago I noticed that the Nuki app on my Apple Watch does not want to start anymore, but crashes right after opening. Okay, I'm sure that's because of the Nuki app, I thought back then.

Third-party apps on the Apple Watch do not start anymore

When the Nuki app still did not want to launch after a major update a few days ago and it did with Lyd for Sonos a new installation completely the same, but I came to ponder. I quickly realized that only Apple's applications started, but not third-party apps. No matter if they were newly installed or had been on the watch for a while. Immediately after opening, without displaying or loading anything, all third-party apps closed immediately.
After that, I've tried pretty much everything you can try: I've deleted and reinstalled the apps, even on the iPhone. I reset the Apple Watch and then restored it with or without backup. I logged out of all iCloud accounts and logged back in. All that helped a lot: even now, third-party apps shut down immediately after launch, while Apple's in-house apps run wonderfully and fast.

Are more users affected?

For me, this is no reason to stop using the Apple Watch. Nevertheless, of course, very annoying, especially since I could imagine that it could have quite serious effects for one or the other users. But I really have no idea how I could solve the problem yet

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