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Xiaomi Mi 9. practical test, Price, Release, images, buy, technical data

ho thinks that a high-end smartphone must necessarily be expensive, is wrong. That proves Xiaomi with the Mi 9: an impressive device for half the money of a 'real' high-end phone. In this Xiaomi Mi 9 preview I am looking for how that works out

$ 807 for  Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus - $ 999 for a Sony Xperia 1, $ 1099 for Apple iPhone XS Max: We are used to increasing prices of phones nowdays. We are starting to find them almost normal. Yet a good and modern smartphone does not have to be that expensive

The Xiaomi Mi 9 does hard anything on paper for those expensive flagships, but costs half.$ 599, to be precise. Because of the poor availability of Xiaomi in the Netherlands, you pay a bit more, but for € 549 you are certainly ready.

Then you have a smartphone with a large OLED screen with drop notch, a modern Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, a triple camera and a beautiful design. All the basics you would expect from a really expensive  phone

Special design
Although the 'standard' black Mi 9 looks pretty standard for a high-end smartphone, the Mi 9 also has a number of special versions. There is a purple variant that reflects light in all kinds of colors, and there is a 'transparent' version where you can see the parts. That does not seem to be the real parts of the device, but it does not make it any less cool
Whichever version you choose: you get a sleek designed phone with a large screen on the front. The design is made of aluminum and glass, feels good and has a completely clean back. That is because the fingerprint scanner is processed in the screen

The screen measures 6.4 inches and is a full HD + amoled screen. Not loeischerp, but the color reproduction is very good. In that respect, the Mi 9 works fine with the real high-end smartphones at first glance

Together, these cameras offer at least a very high flexibility. Although I still have trouble judging the quality, the hardware of the camera is certainly good. The main sensor is the same as in the Honor View 20, and that smartphone was able to squeeze out fine images at least.

MIUI is not that bad
Anyone who has been following us for a while longer will probably have learned that I am generally not a big fan of Chinese smartphone software. Without exception, Chinese smartphone manufacturers use the software of their devices quite harshly against the standard of Android, and Xiaomi has done so too

For example, the MIUI, as the software of Xiaomi is called, has no main menu and a completely different multitask overview. Still, the software does not disappoint me. The graphics are pretty tight, the software runs smoothly and some useful features have been added.

In addition, the Mi 9 performances very well. That has everything to do with modern hardware: it is the cheapest phone that has the lightning fast Snapdragon 855 chip from Qualcomm and also the working memory of 6 or 8 gigabyte is not wrong. I am not entirely convinced of the 3300mAh battery, but exactly how it performs will have to prove later. In any case, it has support for wireless charging and fast charging.

Conclusion: android phones cheap topper

On paper, the Xiaomi Mi 9 is perhaps the ideal 'budget' high-end smartphone and I have not been able to confess too many mistakes in practice. Of course the device misses the super fancy design, the waterproofness and the nice extras of twice as expensive phones, but for many people that will make little difference
What you do get for roughly € 500, is a super comprehensive and fast device with a nice screen, a good camera and at first sight a good camera. Everything you need, but cheap
Source.GSMArena Official

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