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Windows 7 support will start on 1. April

Paid Windows 7 support will start on April 1st
The so-called Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 can be booked from April 1, 2019. With the paid service, companies can extend software support for the operating system

After Microsoft had recently communicated the prices for the extended security support of Windows 7. now follows an indication for the exact start of the service program. Accordingly, companies can order the fee-based support from April 1, 2019
Officially, Microsoft's OS oldie will be provided with security updates and patches until January 2020. Until then, companies and home users should have switched to the successor Windows 10, to ensure the security of their networks
Updates are getting more expensive every year
The billing is done per device per year. The cost is $ 25 per device for an Enterprise license or $ 50 for Windows 7 Pro in the first year after the support stop, Over the next two years, these costs increase by 100 percent annually. For example, support for a Windows 7 Pro system in the year 2022 will cost you a whopping $ 200

Neverheless, many companies are kindly to respond to this offer. Because for many companies, an OS change is not so easy. Often business customers are tied to the legacy system due to legacy applications. On the one hand, Microsoft offers its fee-based update program for these companies. On the other hand, in Windows 10. a compatibility mode is integrated, which should overcome most hurdles in OS migration
In addition, companies still have the FastTrack migration service Desktop App Assure available, in which the Redmonder actively support the transfer of Windows 7 applications in Windows 10. Basically. according to Microsoft, 99 percent of older apps are compatible with Windows 10.

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