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Microsoft is working on Windows Lite: Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is working on a competitor for Chrome OS. Windows Lite is to be developed specifically for devices with two screens.
Microsoft is working on a slimmed down version of Windows. The operating system, codenamed { Windows Lite }. will initially be used on devices with two screens, according to a report by theverge.com
this is a new product category pushed by Intel. Devices with two screens could get a kind of notepad format, is one of the ideas of Intel. Also Microsoft has experienced again and again with such devices, such as the {Courier} concept.
Earlier attacks on Chrome OS failed
There have been rumors about Windows Lite for some time. Microsoft also worked under the name of Core OS to focus on the core functions of Windows to provide desktop computers as well as mixed reality glasses such as the HoloLens the same basis, so that the interaction is improved
At the same time, however, Microsoft is still looking for a suitable answer to Chrome OS. The Google operating system for the affordable Chromebooks enjoys above all in the lucrative education sector a high popularity. Microsoft's attempts to counter this with Windows 10 S - an artificially limited Windows 10 - failed. The completely developed Windows Lite should have more success here. In May, the Microsoft Developer Conference Build, there could have been a first official look at the operating system

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