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Loss of value: iPhone significantly better value than Android smartphones

Even if the iPhone is not a bargain with its retail price of more than 1000 euros, the loss of value is significantly lower compared to the Android competition. This is reflected by a significantly higher resale price

Loss of value: iPhone vs Android smartphones
CultofMac reiter to recent figures from BankMyCell and reports that while the iPhone is more expensive to buy, the actual use is less significant.

We are looking at the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9. The iPhone X cost $ 999 and is about nine months later worth $ 690. This corresponds to a loss in value of 30.93 percent. The Galaxy S9 cost 720 dollars and is nine months later worth only 290 dollars. This corresponds to a loss in value of 59.72 percent

It also states that the S9 lost 41.66 percent in value in the first month alone. This is 10.73 percent more than the iPhone X has lost in nine months. When you buy a S9 you save compared to the iPhone X although 279 dollars, after nine months you have the iPhone X, however 400 euros more in the bag

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