Apple iPhone 2019: information, about the iPhone XI


Apple iPhone 2019: information, about the iPhone XI

Apple is already working on new iPhones, which may come in 2019 as the iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max on the market. the first information about price and features - as well as pictures!

after Apple's presentation of iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR in September 2018 began the speculation to the next series. Meanwhile, there are already numerous rumors and amazingly many "real" pictures. Here's an overview of what to expect from the next iPhone generation in 2019.

iPhone XI: sandblast for rough surface

Analyst and insider Ming-Chi Kuo recently presented some of the novelties and changes Apple may come up with in the future. Among other things, it was about the iPhone XI - iPhone 11th Thus, the company is using the apple in the future on a sandblast finish at the glass on the back, which provides a rough surface. On a similar design, Google is at Pixel 3 , and the upcoming AirPods 2 offer it well - this is to improve the grip.

Apple iPhone XI: Price information

What do the upcoming iPhones cost? A question that not only consumers are interested in, but with which probably Apple is currently intensively dealing. After all, some prices beyond the 1,000 euro mark should have ensured that the current iPhone generation sells significantly worse than expected by the group. Christmas sales were disappointing, especially in China for the manufacturer . Like droidshout.withreported, Apple is responding to the experience. According to the report, the company stuffs a lot of new features into the cell phones and changes their design, but this does not affect prices.
In other words, the next-generation devices cost the same as the corresponding predecessors. Good news for consumers, then? Not necessarily. Because if the forecast is correct, a look at the current top model shows that even the expected for autumn 2019 phones are anything but cheap: For the iPhone XS Max in the top configuration, Apple is currently demanding whopping 1,649 euros. And even for the cheapest device of the model year, the iPhone XR, buyers put down 849 euros. Whether there is something in the report from, can not be estimated - a source for the info does not call the editor. However, in view of the currently meager sales figures, it is in fact unlikely that Apple will continue to raise prices.

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