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Winrar . all WinRAR versions, curious fix already exists

Some readers are certainly among the more than 500 million users who use the unpacking program WinRAR under Windows. Whether as a free long-term test version or paid for once was left undone. In any case, you should probably run as fast as an update to the current version 5.70 beta 1, because with any other version, you expose yourself to the risk of an attack.
Blame here are ACE files that can use a bug when unzipping, the code brings directly into the start-up folder of Windows. This means that injected code can be easily executed. Because ACE files do not necessarily end in .ace, care should be taken with all files being unpacked. Because WinRAR does not recognize the files based on the extension, but on the content. So even a .rar file can actually be an ACE file.
To inject the malicious code, the user only has to unpack a prepared file, the rest will then happen by itself. Incidentally, the solution that WinRAR has at its disposal reads very curiously. The error is in the file UNACEV2.dll.This one has already lost the source code(see update).
What is WinRAR doing now? Simply remove the file - and thus the support for unpacking ACE files. Sometimes it can be really easy.
Download the beta 1 of WinRAR 5.70 on this page . Are you still using the unpacking veteran today?
Update: The source code for the affected file has not been lost, you just can not access it and the file has not been updated since 2005. So you removed them.

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