Why do so many want this tablet?Samsung Galaxy Tab A (T580)

With the iPad, Apple has the tablet market firmly in his hands.  Why do so many people want this tablet? 

Android tablets are dead! Even Google has turned its back on the once so hopefully launched device category and is now fully focused on Chrome OS. That many a swan song comes a bit premature, proves the top 10 wish list on Amazon. There is not the iPad leads the charts, but an Android tablet
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (T580): Most desired tablet on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (T580): Most desired tablet on Amazon

Ranked # 1, Galaxy Tab A (T580), which Samsung introduced in May 2016. But why do so many Amazon users want this tablet when it's almost three years old? The reasons are mixed:
  • Attractive price :  buyers get a tablet, which despite its age in everyday life makes a good figure. In addition to the 1.6-GHz eight-core processor contributes to the 10.1-inch diagonal measuring display, which resolves with 1,920 x 1,200 pixels. As an all-round tablet, which is mainly for surfing and watching videos on Netflix, YouTube and Co., a Full HD resolution is essential.
  • Familiar software : If you use a Samsung smartphone will find its way on the Galaxy Tab A (T580) easily - the manufacturer uses the same software on the tablet as on his cell phones. A painstaking "incorporation" in the functions of the tablet is therefore not required for Samsung users.
  • Small selection : Completely out of hand is the claim that Android tablets are dead, not quite. Only a few manufacturers offer Android tablets at all, not to mention in the 10-inch category. The Galaxy Tab A (T580) also benefits from the small selection of 10-inch Android tablets on the market.
  • Tough case : Instead of using a scratch-proof or break-proof metal or glass case, Samsung's Galaxy Tab A (T580) uses a plastic case. This makes the Samsung tablet especially interesting for children who, according to experience, are not exactly sensitive to electronics.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (T580): That's what Amazon buyers say about the tablet

In addition to the top spot in Amazon's top 10 tablet wish list, the Galaxy Tab A (T580) can also refer to good reviews. With 694 customer reviews to date, the Samsung tablet received 4.5 out of 5 stars. 76 percent of the reviewers awarded the maximum of five possible stars. Five percent were apparently not satisfied with the tablet and awarded only the minimum of one star.
The image quality, the good suitability of the Galaxy Tab A (T580) as a beginner's tablet as well as the build quality and durability of the device are praised. Frequently occurring errors or criticisms are not there according to the Amazon reviews. One buyer criticizes, however, that the tablet has no HDMI output, while another buyer complains that only a few Android apps are optimized for tablets

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (T580) worth it?

If you want to stay with Samsung and under the 200-euro mark, comes on the Galaxy Tab A (T580) barely around. For 199 euros, there is the slightly better equipped  , but from Huawei and not from Samsung. And if you are aware of the limitations of Amazon's in-house Fire tablets, you should watch the  for about 110 Euros 

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