Chrome will soon prevent websites from blocking incognito tabs

Some websites prevent their offers from being viewed in Chrome's incognito mode. A planned browser update should prevent this procedure in the future
Google's Chrome team wants to make it more difficult in the future sites to exclude visitors who inaugurate their offers in incognito mode. This reports the US blog 9to5Mac. Especially pages with a soft payment barrier sometimes block incognito tabs. These providers allow users to access a certain number of items before a paid subscription becomes due. However, the mechanism can be circumvented by the use of incognito mode, since no permanent cookies can be set here, which means that the number of articles already read can not be captured. That's why publishers such as the Boston Globe or the MIT Technology Review meanwhile block incognito tabs

The providers use the file system API to detect incognito tabs in Chrome . This serves for the temporary or permanent storage of data. In incognito mode, however, it is deactivated, which tells the site operators that it is an incognito window. The Chrome team wants to avoid such incognito mode discovery by providing the browser with a virtual file system in memory. The website then finds this via the file system API and therefore can no longer recognize incognito mode as such. With the release of Chrome 74 in April 2019, the new feature should be able to be activated manually. With the browser version 76, which is announced for the end of July, it will then be active by default.

Appropriate API could disappear in the long run completely from the Chrome browser

Apparently, the Chrome development team wants to completely eliminate the file system API in the long term. An internal design document cited by 9to5Mac states: "Because the file system API is not used by other browser providers, it seems that websites only use it to recognize incognito mode. Hopefully, by making this difficult, all API usage goes back so far that we can mark it as obsolete and remove it

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