battery of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + has been tested

The entire Galaxy S10 series will now be on the lips of all new technology enthusiasts. In the end, Samsung was able to surprise some companies a few days ago. It is true that the top models are not only worthwhile, but the Galaxy S10 + is supposed to show competition, which is the leader of the mobile phone market. The manufacturer boasts that in its smartphones use innovative systems to learn our usage and control power consumption indirectly. In combination with a large battery, this gives a long time to work on a single charge. Is this true?
Samsung S10 + iPhone XS Max / Mate 20 Pro / OnePlus 6T / Galaxy Note 9 Battery Life TEST
The Samsung Galaxy S10 + was designed for Apple iPhone XS Max, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, OnePlus 6T and Samsung Galaxy Note9. The result after one of the most natural tests is more than surprising. Koreans certainly improved in terms of energy saving. New design, new algorithms, but also a large battery manufactured Galaxy S10 + only in the world, the following places are set: Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Galaxy Note9, OnePlus 6T and iPhone XS Max. However, please note how there are small time differences between different models. Only the Galaxy S10 + clearly distinguished itself.

However, initially I mentioned that the Samsung algorithms are to learn our use. This can be the key to success. The program will identify the applications that we use more and keep them alive so they work faster. Those that are rarely run will be closed almost immediately after being reduced. Of course, the Koreans are not the only ones using this solution, but they explain it in minute detail.

Source: Reddit, YouTube

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