Apple not have a foldable smartphone, and that worries Steve Wozniak


Apple not have a foldable smartphone, and that worries Steve Wozniak

This year, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona highlights two main trends: foldable smartphones and 5G. But unfortunately (or not) for Apple fans, the Cupertino company looks late on these two trends.

And Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of the Cupertino company, is even concerned about the lack of folding screens at Apple. "Apple has long been a leader in several areas, such as Touch ID, face identification and easy payment with the phone," said Wozniak in an interview with Bloomberg TV. "They are not the leader in areas such as foldable phone, and that worries me because I really want a foldable phone."
Foldable smartphones, trend of the Mobile World Congress
As a reminder, a week ago, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold, its first collapsible smartphone, during an Unpacked event. And Huawei took advantage of the Mobile World Congress on Sunday to lift the veil on the Mate X. In addition, Oppo also presented a prototype during the show in Barcelona. And Xiaomi said he is also preparing a foldable screen smartphone, but that it was not ready for the Mobile World Congress.
Even Honor, who markets affordable smartphones said he is interested in the technology, but will expect lower costs. 
For its part, if Apple has not yet evoked foldable screens, this technology seems to be studied by the firm
Meanwhile, the Cupertino company is still occupied by the creation of its new services. While iPhone sales are down, Apple seems to want to bet a little more on services to make money. An Apple News subscription and a streaming platform similar to Netflix should be added to the ones Apple already offers to its customers

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