A Chinese programmer finds a loophole that has allowed him to withdraw more than $ 1 million from the bank he works for

Chinese media reported That one of the Chinese bank programmers developed a way to withdraw more than one million US dollars in cash "free of charge from the bank's ATMs, for 10 and a half years
Chi Sheng, 43 years old, former director of Huaxia Technology Development Center in Beijing, found a loophole in the basic operating system of the bank that allows for any cash withdrawal, provided that it is done at midnight, when no record is drawn

The bank agreed with Chi Sheng's explanation that he was simply trying to test his internal security and that the money he had taken was only resting in his own account before being returned to the employers, but the authorities did not accept this interpretation. Chen Chen was charged with theft in December, Last month revealed that the Sheng Sheng system gap in 2016, and in November of the same year introduced some provisions in the banking system, which he said would allow him to test the gap without warning

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