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The most important differences between SSD and HDD [HDD]

We often need to buy or replace a hard drive, so we are confused between SSD or HDD. In today's topic, I will discuss with you the most fundamental differences of the two currencies by introducing them, comparing price, space, availability, etc.
About Hdd

HDD is the abbreviation for Hard Disk Drive, and the first HDD was built in 1956 by the giant IBM, and it was 3.5 megabytes (not enough for today, even in some pictures), where the use was not large but was limited to the government only to 1969, after which the hard drive industry experienced a quantum leap, with a 5.25-inch hard drive or another 3.5-inch desktop computer.

About Ssd
SSD is the abbreviation for Solid State Drive, and the first SSD was made in 2000, a date in which the field of laptops was widely known in the global arena. This type of disk was used on both Asus computers in 2007.

Price comparison: If you try to compare the price of both the Ssd and Hdd disks, the HDD is turned off and this is due to its low price and more jiggets. The price of getting a HDD of 1 TB is only $ 60, The SSD is priced at $ 150.

Compare available space: HDDs are available in capacities up to 10TB while the SSD does not exceed 4 terabytes at most.

Speed ​​comparison: At this point, it's no different that SSDs are faster than HDD, which gives you tremendous file transfer speed. SSD devices have a large boot speed of just a few seconds.

Comparison of Hardness and Durability: SSDs are powerful and safe compared to a HDD. This is due to the fact that HDDs operate in moving parts such as a turntable, which may damage it during damage or collision.

Compared to the availability of diskettes on the market: HDDs are very much compared to SSD, and this is due to its old history and its high prevalence, but this does not mean that SSDs are not available, but the opposite is now in an increasing spread.

The bottom line is that if you are working in the field of editing or programming, I recommend you SSDs for their speed and smoothness in the work, because it will provide the environment suitable for work through the lack of noise, not spasm, the proportion of damage is minimal ... All that is defective is the price rather high.

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