great application to change your phone version so you can easily download apps

There is no doubt that you often want to download an application from the Google Play store you face the problem of incompatibility application with your device, especially if the specification is somewhat weak, and this is because your phone is available on an old version, so in today's theme I will give you the final solution to this The problem is through the application.
The application is called the Build Prop Editor and its role is to make your phone look like it belongs to the modern version. To take advantage of the application, your phone must first have the Router

Then download the application to your computer and click on the pen button below to edit and change your phone version.
You will see a large collection of files go to ro product model and then change your phone version for example I chose sm-n910f
Then put the same name as you chose in ro product name, ro product device and ro product product and then click on Save and you may change your phone version in a smart and easy way to be able to then download any application on PlayStory without problems, and as a note The trick is also valid for other phones other than Samsung.

To download the app: Build Prop Editor

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