Google is testing a new way to make up for classic passwords

While many users find a number of difficulties associated with appropriate and well-secured passwords or remember those words that may be difficult and complex for security protection,
Google seems to want to overcome this problem and compensate it in a new way.

The site of Android Police pointed out that Google began with a few users try a new way to authenticate and access the user account on Google without the need to write a password and faster than before, where the user will rely on his smartphone as a device to authenticate to connect to his Google account of On his personal computer, for example, or his Tablet PC, where he can enter the Gmail address on his smartphone to confirm the process and then find a notification on his phone to confirm the process and enter a two-digit code appears on the computer browser.
The site, citing one of the users who tried the new feature, said that at any time the user decided to return to the original system of normal passwords, it remains possible, although Google has not officially announced this new method as it is only in the experimental .

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