6 Things to take advantage of when making your phone in airplane mode

Flight mode is a setting that allows you to turn off your mobile network connection and disconnect all kinds of wireless communications on your phone. This setting is set to prevent your phone from sending or receiving signals while other programs, such as games or other applications, are still allowed. Do this on your phone from time to time
6 أشياء يمكنك القيام بها عندما تجعل هاتفك في وضع الطائرة
1.Reduces battery consumption

While in airplane mode, your phone or tablet reduces the battery usage and allows at least the user to view images, documents, games, etc. This is useful when the user, for example, is in an area without coverage.

2. Recharging your device faster

One way to expedite the charging of your phone or tablet is by placing it in the plane position. This is a proven process as well, because the phone in this case disables Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile network ..
3. Avoid high roaming costs

One of the things that you can avoid is the astronomical bills that may result from international roaming when you are traveling abroad. The user often forgets to disable this order to surprise high bills. So the best way to avoid this is to make the phone in the plane mode. Therefore, the device will use only Wi-Fi as an Internet connection.
4. Avoid ads in games

Many games do not require the user to be connected to the Internet. Thus, the status of the aircraft will prevent the appearance of ads while playing :)
5. If you have children ...

If you have children and play on your own computer, they can contact the person by mistake or access your account in other applications. To prevent this, you can make the phone in flight mode.
6. Avoid the hassle!

If you want to avoid the hassle either by telephone, SMS or even wattage, the best solution is to activate the airplane mode.

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